Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Unlocking My Love

Letting people in is unfamiliar I do not wish to show all of me to you Letting you run free with my vulnerability Doesn't seem wise to my timid heart It's built up scar tissue Making it tougher on the... Continue Reading →

Heat of Our Love

Your number was blocked And I lost it I lost my mind I lost my heart But you were still in my soul I couldn't escape those eyes burned into my brain Your sweetest kiss Do you remember the taste... Continue Reading →

Sweet Salute

Your lies stung like a bee to the heart But I'm done and over you Enjoying the sweet honey aftermath Of you no longer in my life No drama and bullshit I'm learning to trust people again Free to fly... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Perfection

You love my broken pieces back together And call me beautiful I see that I can be whole again And I can love myself You smooth out the rough edges With your sweet kisses And in your arms I feel... Continue Reading →

The last time

The last time I felt like this I was little Butterflies in my stomach fluttering No net to catch them though They are just free to fly around Fluttering with chaos like my thoughts I don't know what to make... Continue Reading →

Turn up the Heat

Lost in his arms Passion in his embrace Feeling the heat of our sweat The electricity between us Kissing and tasting Our souls intertwining Lost in lust and the heat of the moment Breathlessly grabbing to be closer But there... Continue Reading →

This Moment

You grab me so passionately And for those moments I'm lost in a whirlwind of your arms, your lips, and you So sensual, so erotic I just want to feel this moment Your breath, your touch It's hypnotizing and alluring... Continue Reading →

Simple love

Just let me love you more than a bee loves a flower because without some sort of simple love and hope, much like the bee without the flower, and the world without pollen, I might go extinct I just want... Continue Reading →

Love Secrets

Lost on the wings of an angel Flying along through the veins of my heart Losing myself in thoughts of you I can't help myself I feel free with wild abandon And love the way you make my soul soar... Continue Reading →

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