I watch you both sleep peacefully near me
Unaware of what’s happening in the “big world”
There’s so much trust you both have in me
As you quietly snore by my side
All I want to do is protect you
Take care of you the best I can
I know that’s not always good enough
But I try all that I’m able

You wake and look at me as I’m writing
Like you know I switched my focus to you
You give me your paw as reassurance
A better friend and companion I could not ask for
Your tail wags bring me joy
Your cuddles bring me comfort
You fill my heart with so much love
I want to do all I can to give you the best life like you deserve

Looking at your big brown shiny eyes
It’s easy to forget anything is happening beyond these walls
And that’s exactly why you paw at my phone
So I can stay safe here in this moment
With you (& your tennis ball!)