There was a chill in the air and I wrapped the blankets closer around me. Winter was marching in quickly and I wasn’t totally sure I was ready for it yet.

I enjoyed the fall colours so much this year. Hearing the leaves crunching and seeing the intense array of nature’s paintbrush made my heart sing. Everywhere I turned I saw beautiful pops of colour. My pup rolled in the leaves with such a huge smile on his face.

And that came crashing to a stop too. Maybe the chill in the air had more to do with the sudden changes we’d both experienced in the month of October, mine to open the month, his to close it. Just like that, two moments changed our life experience so drastically, and comparatively speaking, they could have been much worse.

Thank you universe for the pause, not a full stop. I dont think I’m ready for that yet either.

October took me into some dark depths of despair. The days were chilly to the bones, while we set records for some of the warmest days in October. Wrapping my blankets around me for extra hugs I give myself these days. I find ways to make due, resourceful on my own, forging new pathways

Having some of my most inspired days, playful days, love filled days, kept me going through those days with the chill in the air. Writing and channeling, journalling and getting feelings out, but not being creative. Now as I try to turn on the creative tap, it feels like it was bled for winter, to make sure the pipes didn’t freeze. But, if I’m using them, I need the flow to stay going.

Drip drip drip

Don’t give up. Don’t let it win. In the quiet stillness of the morning before the world wakes up, the words can be found. Somewhere, somehow. Just keep flowing.

The chill in the air shows the seasons shifting. Always changing, that’s the only constant in the world. Trust in the always changing. The only stuck is a situation you create, so uncreate it. Flow with change.

The cold winds blow the leaves around on the ground and they dance. They don’t wrap themselves in a blanket just yet. They are doing their last dances, delighting in what IS before the blanket of snow tucks them in for the next change of season. Cycles in nature and cycles in life, it all keeps changing

Written from a prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate. Check it out!