what difference will you make in the world? What will you express to help someone who needs it?

“Writers, why bother? Because right now there is someone with a wound in the exact shape of your words” Sean Thomas Dougherty

Laying cozy on the rug, my dog softly snores
His black fluffy fur moving up and down with each breath
Shaking occasionally as he dreams
I often wonder what he dreams about
With his limited world experience
Although I think the same for myself
I long for more adventures, as I’m sure he does too
I know more of our vast world
And wish for more opportunities to see it
In more than just other’s gallery photos
The issues of that world weigh heavy on my heart
Often causing darker nightmare dreams
Sending love where it’s needed feels all I can do
Grateful for the comfort and safety I enjoy
The peace in which I watch my dog sleep
Knowing how fragile life is, how impermanent
Grateful for all the moments of peace and joy
Dreaming of grand adventures abroad
The things postcards are made of, not the news
Knowing in my heart I’m meant for bigger things
Things where I can truly make a splash
While for now, I’ll trust in the ripple’s reach