I lost myself in distraction
Not feeling safe in the present moment
You teach people how to treat you
Well that makes sense

How can I learn to love myself again
How can I take back my life
How can I be healthy and love life
I have so much to offer
There’s so much inside me clamouring to get out

Yet I’m my own worst enemy
I let others affect me
I let myself get distracted from what lights me up
I allow myself to be consumed with anger and things I know don’t matter
I allow myself to sit and stare
Rather than dare to live a bigger life
A life I know is waiting

I’ve been given all these ideas from the universe
I channel messages and things the world needs
And instead I hide them away
Scared of my own shadow

What will it take to love myself into a bigger life
To stop running from what’s meant for me
To trust and believe I am worthy
I am capable
I matter
That me living makes a difference in the world

What will it take for me to believe it and feel safe in the world
For me to choose life and start living big

I lost myself along the way
And I’m doing everything I can to find me back again

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