As I walked through the crowded streets
I felt alone
Among thousands of people
And I just felt so alone
There wasn’t anywhere or anyone in particular I longed for
I guess I just didn’t want to be with me
Lacking connection with all around me
It felt uncomfortable in my own skin
Wanting to step out of my body
As if it were just a shell to contain my energy
My soul was bouncing off the container
Wanting to fly, be free
But I was following the norm, the standard
Walking along the crowded streets feeling like herded cattle, no mind of our own
I wanted to grab someone, hug them
Shout “DON’T YOU SEE?!”
Wake up people! Out of this daze we are living in!
Show them how to be free
But that’s not how it’s done, that’s not what’s accepted
So I fall back in line
Walking through the crowded streets alone