Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night




what difference will you make in the world? What will you express to help someone who needs it? "Writers, why bother? Because right now there is someone with a wound in the exact shape of your words" Sean Thomas Dougherty... Continue Reading →

What you mean in Oz

Once important people Are no longer so important Opinions that once mattered Voices once respected Have now been silenced in the mind The golden bridge that's been crossed Can't be burned from memory But won't be crossed back over That... Continue Reading →

A Grain of Sand for the Most Special Man I Know

I want to do more than write JUST a poem for my father. For as wonderful, large and grand as poems are, They don't even begin to hold a flame to this man. Although I have heard some, that make... Continue Reading →

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