Once important people
Are no longer so important
Opinions that once mattered
Voices once respected
Have now been silenced in the mind
The golden bridge that’s been crossed
Can’t be burned from memory
But won’t be crossed back over
That yellow brick road again
Far from Kansas on my own to explore
Without your guidance anymore
Words of wisdom and encouragement
That used to matter so very much
Now I’m passing those words on to others
And my words are the ones mattering
But like the lion, I don’t know my own roar
No matter how often I’m told it’s power
For some reason I don’t feel it in my tin heart now
Still all it takes is one time
For you to say it for it to resonate
It reverberates so loud through my tin soul
Like I didn’t think possible anymore
Bringing me to tears next to you
Deep down you still matter so much
Even if I want to deny it
I still love and care
No matter how much it hurts
No matter how much I try and turn my back
You are the oil for my tin heart
Thank you for all you’ve taught me
You are my writing musical for my soul