Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Open My Heart to Love

When I opened my heart to love I felt my world expand My body felt lighter I wasn't lost in my own mind My mind, usually lost spinning But when I opened my heart to love I saw the blue... Continue Reading →

Forest of My Soul

The leaves crinkled under my feet as I walked through the forest. Fall had come late this year. The water levels were low in the river, which increased the ripples and splashes over the rounded worn down rocks. The path,... Continue Reading →


I thought I saw a small rabbit Off by the edge of the forest He poked his little head around the rock But as he startled me, so I must have him I sat quietly on my back porch Overlooking... Continue Reading →

for sasha

I knew this day would come When we'd face your life being done I just didn't think it'd be so soon or like this Your swooshy tail and loving paw I will surely miss My heart is breaking as I... Continue Reading →

Taking Time

Time runs fine away like grains of sand thru my hand I cannot catch it and control it any better than the waves are able to on the beach The words allude my pen and are the mistress of moments... Continue Reading →

Gift of Grace

Give me eyes to see the reality and perspective of the world around me Give me ears to do more than just hear, to really listen Give me a tongue to speak gentle truths and kind compliments Give me a... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Gift of the Season

The coloured leaves have all fallen And blanketed the earth While now the sparkles twinkle and light up the houses Like winter fireflies dancing in the holiday night Waiting for the festive time When families gather around the fire With... Continue Reading →

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