When the music starts who knows who your partner will be
Are we supposed to have that chosen?
Or is it like a square dance where we will change partners many times
Searching tirelessly for just the right one?
One that doesn’t step on our toes
Or encroach on our personal space
One that has good personal hygiene
And smells just right
One that can twirl us this way and that
Always saying just the right things
Or one that keeps perfect time to the music
Or maybe is just magically in sync with your rhythm
When you look into his eyes and see that sparkle
And he looks at you like he doesn’t want to be anywhere but right there
Holding you close in the whimsical waltz of life
Be careful not to look too closely for the faults or misteps
And instead for the one who steps carefully protecting your heart
So often we look for just the right match
Changing partners every time the music changes
We forget to learn to dance the different steps with the one that knows
The rhythm of our heart
So before the music stops and the dance comes to an end
Be sure you’ve had some meaningful time
With the one who can sing to you
When you’ve forgotten the words to your song