When coming home to familiar places they aren’t familiar faces
and even the buildings have now changed
but the streets are the same ones you knew so some how, some HOW it still seems familiar
Even though nothing in your heart does.
When you’ve worked hard all your life to find the true meaning of home and build what it means to you in your heart
And you realize all those messed up meanings you were taught before were just that,
messed up meanings of the past.
And it’s okay to let them go.
Because you’ve built something much more beautiful for your stronger heart now,
This is what you’ve been building for,
This is not a dress rehearsal, it’s life.
and you’re creating it, stronger, happier, healthier than you were ever brought up for.
These streets may seem the SAME worn out ones in your memories
but they aren’t the ones meant for walking now
You are destined for the new yellow brick roads you’re laying
and don’t click those heels together
because there is no place like home anymore
Home is where you define it to be
not where you’re told it should be
And all these familiar old town streets aren’t big enough for you anymore,
your heart has far outgrown the devastation left behind on them now,
so shine that golden beauty bright,
it’s time to get out of Kansas