Just let me love you more than a bee loves a flower because without some sort of simple love and hope, much like the bee without the flower, and the world without pollen, I might go extinct

I just want to open my heart to silly simplicity and happy wonder and believe magic is possible, and stars are night lights in the sky that the universe left on for their teenagers who are out too late on their first date

I want to dance with you among the raindrops as they tickle our noses and watch crickets hop over our toeses while rainbows glimmer in the battle with the sundrops as they appear sparkling in the corner of our eyes

I want to give you my heart if you promise not to break it, like a plate at a Greek wedding, but instead treasure it as if it were a part of you beating in time with yours, but without all the gooey guts and gushy blood cause that’s messy and I certainly don’t want to clean that up

But know that I love you. With every bit of my brain reserved to love another human being. Because it’s really that part of me that I love you with although less romantic sounding than my heart and less pleasant looking on valentines day cards. But know that I love you. Now and always my darling. I love you.