My heart hurts
I’ve felt so distant from you lately
When I’ve reached out it feels like
I’ve just missed you
Grasping the air just past
Where you were there
Looking up to you has been the flaw I suppose

Needing to find my own way
Growing up and on my own
Wanting your guidance still
But life plays cruel jokes
And often we don’t get things we want
And are left looking down the empty road
Wondering what happened

My heart hurts
I thought more of you, I respected you
You taught me so much
But left so many questions unanswered
Many promises broken
Many words left unspoken
Or many still lingering in the air even, unacknowledged

My heart hurts
Wondering where things went wrong
When did I become unimportant
When did our relationship mean less
Tear drops feel like blood drops from my broken heart
But like so many times before
I will heal it with my unspoken words to you
Through my blue ink blood on this page

Like I’ve been taught by so many
And will be continued to be inspired for years to come
You will not stop the flow of words
Even if you’ve made them harder right now
I will heal like I always do
Pick up the pieces and learn to move on
On my own
Like I always do, and mend my hurting heart