This is part of a 3 part series from Positive Pens that was run in 3 different cities, using the same starting line. I am posting them all to show the difference a day makes.

November 15, 2016, Guelph, Ontario

My life is my own. Today I choose to let go of all the heavy things in my life.
The things that keep me feeling stuck
I choose to let go of the things I’ve outgrown
And let them go with grace

My life is my own. I can live it however I’m drawn to. I do not need to be defined any longer by past beliefs and messages.
Today I choose to embrace positivity and love
I do not need to fear or feel insecure
Anger is a distraction from the feelings I really need to address
I do not need to distract myself and waste my valuable life away

I am free to be all I can be
I am fully capable of handling all I’m drawn to and all that comes to me
I am deserving and have the power to silence anything I hear that tells me otherwise
I do not have to keep trying with situations that are one sided
It is okay to let people go
I take the time to acknowledge their beautiful part in my life and the lessons we shared
And I let it go softly on spirit wind

I do not need to punish myself with food or people any longer
I have the courage to get through all my emotions with the beautiful inner strength I have collected in this lifetime
And many others

My life is my own and today I choose to celebrate all the amazing people I am blessed with around me
I dance in their energy, love and courage
I fill myself with the hope we all hold collectively amplifying our power
Together we are stronger
Together I am stronger

We are beautiful and I do not need to sabotage with the old energy, when so much beauty awaits
I am free to live my life as I choose
And today I live my life with my eyes and heart wide open