This is part of a 3 part series from Positive Pens that was run in 3 different cities, using the same starting line. I am posting them all to show the difference a day makes.

November 16, 2016, St Marys, Ontario

My life is my own today
I choose to embrace that which life has opened me to
I will not run any longer from my own shadow
For it is always with me, and will be my only constant
A friend that never leaves

The shadow is formed because there is light
And I choose what to focus on
I do not have to give my shadow my attention
Although I know if I do, I will learn valuable lessons
And my life will be richer for it

My life is my own and I get to choose how I want to live it today
I can maintain comfort and familiarity
Or I can step to the edge of the cliff and test my wings while I fly
Feeling the wind rush past me on my adventures
Sure beats improving the bum dent in the sofa

I have dreams and goals and I want to breathe life into every corner of my existance
I choose to live the depth and width of my life
Knowing the more chances I take, the more I will fail
But the more beautiful opportunities I will have to succeed and make my life all I hope for

I let my shadow have my fear
But I make it clear that’s not the way I’m facing
I move toward the light
And I embrace the light that’s been waiting for me
On the other side of my shadow

A butterfly flies past, encouraging me to follow
And I oblige, looking forward to the next adventures that await