This is part of a 3 part series from Positive Pens that was run in 3 different cities, using the same starting line. I am posting them all to show the difference a day makes.

November 9, 2016, Stratford, Ontario

My life is my own. Today I choose to live it as richly across as it is deep.
I want to live every inch of it without fear
I want to embrace the love and opportunities with the whole rainbow of my soul

My life is my own. I have lived behind dusty dark windows for far too long
Now that I’ve had a taste of the sunshine
I want it to continue to fill every corner of my life
I want to breathe in the crisp fall air
Energizing every capillary in my lungs
I want to awaken my whole body
So I can see the spectrum of light that I was previously blind to
No more hiding behind rocks fearing what lay on the other side
I’m jumping out with excitement
Opening my heart wide
And touching that love and passion to everyone I meet
Sprinkling the sunshine wherever I can
Leaving light in dark corners
Cleaning up the clutter and garbage left behind
Giving love to all those who don’t feel deserving
Sharing kindness with those who are unkind
And helping up those who have been knocked down
Energy growing as love is shared
Growing a community together that spans the entire world
Healing the planet and helping repair damage before it’s too late
Healing light and love to everyone connected
No judgement of person, place or thing
Together we are one
Together we are love