As I looked through the window
I saw pictures flash like a slideshow
The window became a video screen for my life
Some of the pictures were hard to see
Some I wanted to linger on longer
I wasn’t sure how this started
But I quickly realized how many images there were to see
I saw many I had forgotten
And some I wish I had
I know though, that at some point
I had to throw the window open
And breathe the fresh air of the present moment
Staying as a viewer of these memories
Could not serve to keep me moving forward
And some of those memories are best left in the past
Lingering on a few more pictures
I wanted one more look
When I saw the photo of my best friend
I begged to stay on it
But it too faded
To images of who I used to be
But gratefully no longer am
I took a deep breath
And threw open the window
Taking in a huge breath of cool crisp air
And feeling connected to me
Right here in this moment
Knowing I am okay
And can embrace the outside
Letting the experience in
But knowing if things get too much
It is always my choice to shut the window
Or leap out of it into the life that’s waiting for me
Just beyond the window pane
Leaping out the window
I feel the soft grass under my feet
And at that moment I know
I can close the window behind me
I do not need to go back