I opened the box in front of me and discovered there was more to it than met the eye. Almost like an escape room, there were dark corners, little nooks and crannies to explore. I ran my fingers over the dark edges, unsure of what I’d find.
With a spark of magic I was transported into the box. Looking up I could see the room I had been standing in. I had no idea how to get out, I was clearly smaller than I had been a moment ago. So I started to explore.
There was what looked like the edges of a door, and when I pushed, it opened. I cautiously went through the opening and was greeted by bright sunshine. I seemed to be in a field of clover.
Walking forward, I let the long grasses tickle my fingertips. This was a beautiful paradise that lay before me. Smelling the fresh country air, I could smell the season with the faint scent of meadow muffins, all too familiar.
An eagle soars overhead, surveying the scene, looking for his next meal. Luckily, in this place, I seem to be regular size so I will not be confused for dinner.
I lay down in the soft grassy cushion, gazing up at the sky, watching the clouds float by on their journey. I am in a place of natural distractions only, and the rhythm of my heart slows down to match the pace of my surroundings.
No responsibilities or places to be. Just me and the clouds leisurely enjoying the day. I pause and wonder where they are off to. Traveling hundreds of miles, seeing thousands of sights. Yet unaffected by the trivialities below. They can transcend the small nuisances inconsequential to the bigger picture.
I wonder why I let myself get caught up with them, and I catch myself, getting caught up in them.
Irony, and with a sigh I let it all go. Laying back in the grass, I embrace right now, in this moment. None of that needs to matter. I am in this magical place meant for meandering, relaxing, escaping. Protected from outside influences.
I close my eyes and feel the energy of this world around me. I feel it down to my bones and buzzing all around me. Like busy fireflies igniting their healing and balancing me everywhere I need it.
Thank you little fireflies for doing that which I have not been able to do.
Feeling the tension lift, I fall into suspension of space, time, and location.
I am in a space between
Between breaths, between moments
Between life
I let go and feel myself become one with everything, and everything becomes me
Peace joy love and light are my essence and I feel them, I am them
Suspended in this space
Transcending, training, perspective
Suspended in peace
in love as light I am