The sunsets on experiences
Nothing lasts forever
And maybe it’s not meant to
Beautiful experiences we can hold close to our heart
For as long as our brains allow
But we have photos to help make up the slack
Holding memories in our hands
Bottling moments, trying to make them last forever
But time is a funny thing
Before you know it, a year has passed, 5 years, 10 years
You look back and everything has changed
Yet it didn’t feel like it as it was happening
Time thieves moments if you aren’t mindful
Wasted time, wasted life
Or you can make the most of every moment
Take the photos to help them linger longer
Printed copies held in the hand
Becoming obsolete with technology
But what will happen to our memories
Will time make them obsolete
Will dementia thieve them away
Concerns I cannot consume myself with
I am enjoying each moment
While it’s here
Listening to the loons on the lake
The water lapping on the dock
Wind whispering it’s stories to the trees
Who share them with all the birds sitting on their branches
Who fly off telling the furry friends of the forest
Like a broken game of telephone
What was said no longer matters
Its only the peace in my heart that mirrors the stillness of the lake
It is here I am home
It is here I belong
It is here I am.