When I let go of the rope I felt free
I didn’t realize I had been confined by my own controlling
I’d been holding it frantically, panicked
Everything needed to be perfectly orchestrated, just so
I couldn’t see that by trying to control
It meant I actually had no control at all

Grant me the serenity
Thinking it all squarely rested on my shoulders
Was so heavy and kept me weighed down
I couldn’t move, didn’t dare to breathe

Accept the things I can’t change
Letting go of my ego’s need to think I must do it all
Realizing many things i really had no control over and couldn’t change
I can’t make people do or be how I want

Courage to change the things I can
I can only control me, my reactions, my perceptions, my thoughts
I can start my day over as many times as I need to
I do not need to stay in situations that make me sick

Wisdom to know the difference
I need to be gentle with myself
Let go of the rope and be okay with not holding on so tight
Lead with love, faith, acceptance
Force will get me nowhere
Leaning into surrender, accepting what is
Making steps toward where I want to be
No matter how small they may be sometimes

Serenity Courage Wisdom