Standing in front of my destiny
I trembled, tears forming in my eyes
This was all I ever wanted
Manifesting coming true before my eyes
My breath caught behind the lump in my throat, I choked
Why was I choking? I wasn’t going to let fear run the show now!
I’d worked far too hard to build these dreams
I couldn’t be held up at the gate
Standing in front of my destiny
My life was waiting
Everything that has happened
Was strengthening me, giving me knowledge and experience
Preparing me for my destiny
Now standing in front of it, so close
I start to question everything
I want to run, I want to switch directions
Trying to listen to my heart
That’s speaking in a barely audible whisper
I just want the answers
I want to know what to do
I long for certainty in an uncertain world
Creatively pulled in so many directions
Blocking out the bigger world
My heart longs to heal the world
And the only way I know how
Is one word at a time