I have no limits except the ones I impose on myself
Others don’t need to squash me down, although they may try
I have old messages that plant doubt
Seeking out new people that confirm them
Just as I make progress forward to attract better around me
The old pays a visit, just to check in if I’m sure
Uncertainty, doubt, low self esteem whisper loudly around dark corners
Like a drug dealer offering a secretive fix when you’re kicked down the lowest
And are most vulnerable, they know when to come knocking
Working their seductive magic to lure you in, just one more time
All it takes is one indulgence to have it all come crumbling apart
I’m better than that, I’ve moved on from that
No sugar, no drugs, no social media, no sex masquerading as love
I’m done.
They are all silent killers , waiting for their chance
Self love, confidence and courage raise their heads higher
Knowing ultimately they will win
I must remain focused, vigilant
Remembering who I am
I am worth the success I’m building
Today I have no limits and I am free to go after all I dream
With pride, courage, love and light
I will embrace all that is right