To prove to myself I could do it, I put myself out there
I made commitments, grounded myself and visualized all I was and could be
In the moment right now
I could taste it
Big lofty dreams I could see so clearly
I could feel them, they were mine
Helping millions and all that went along with it
I knew if I could see it in my mind
I could hold it in my hand
My current reality is not my final destination
I understood the beauty of impermanence
I shed my coat of limitation and lack
And embraced the wonderful robes of change and abundance
Stepping stones along my way
I am so grateful for all the lessons
So many amazing people cross my path
So many hearts filled with love, hope and healing
I am blessed
To prove to myself I could do it, I said YES to live and all it has to offer
And in return, life said a big resounding YES to me!