I want to write about how far I’ve come since I first heard that line
Shaking at my first group 8 years ago
Wondering what all this was about
But knowing deep down, I longed to write again
Not knowing where or how to start
And the line took off
Pen scratching across the page in free fall
Getting into it so deeply I didn’t want to stop when time was up
Knowing I’d found my place
This was where I belonged
In the basement of an addiction treatment facility, 2 years clean
Relating to beautiful words crafted by the brave souls around me
Not knowing that this moment, would change the course of my life forever
“I drew a line in the sand” that night
Crafting my words around that idea
Oblivious to the real line I was drawing
Embracing my path, my purpose, my soul’s longing
All the opportunities that have come since
So many I’m overwhelmed when I stop and think
I have been truly blessed with a life that is beyond my wildest dreams
Simply by drawing that line in the sand

This poem makes reference to the very first poem I wrote in my first freefall class May 2, 2010
https://gypsyauroramusings.com/2011/03/19/assertive-boundaries/ and that is when I started this writing process I now teach