On my breath in I felt anxiety
Pain in my chest, heaviness like an elephant had taken up residence there
I wonder why my thoughts go to an elephant
I mean they don’t usually make a habit of sitting on people I don’t think
But yet, that’s a common phrase…
Those poor elephants get blamed for so much,
Being an elephant in the room
If there were an elephant actually in this room,
I may want to give him peanuts but my survival instinct may be to head for the door, although I’m quite far from it
Afterall, they do sit on people’s chests causing them anxiety feelings that feel like heart attacks
Heart attack sounds so violent, William Shakespearesque
Heart break, so many heart ache descriptors
My mind wanders, avoiding
On my breath in it felt tough
Tight like drinking a milkshake
I focused on my breath, my heart rate, trying to slow it down, meditate
The more I focused on it, the worse it got
Turn the page, start over.