how will you be fully present today? Maybe describe your surroundings in rich detail, creating a photo with your words

I tried to take a picture
To capture this moment and preserve it always
But I forgot to put film in the camera
And my phone battery was nearly dead
A lesson of being present in the moment
And doing important things properly

Living life through a screen
Is not fully living at all
You miss the energy in the moment
Although you capture the memory
In case your memory ever fails
But if your memory was failing
What moments would truly matter

Because ultimately you would only have right now, here, today
Savouring each moment for the richness of the experience
Fully present the way dogs live

They dont understand photos
Because nothing is as awesome as right here and now
Especially if you have a tennis ball

While I was fumbling with the film
And searching for my charger
So I could capture this moment and preserve it always
My dog was breathing in the fresh air, sticking his snout in the snow, and wagging his tail with a huge smile on his face

~awe that would make a great photo~

Breathing in deep, that fresh air with him
I realized the best photo is captured in my mind, maybe with my words later
But always in the moment, the gift of life is the present
These memories printed on my heart like a polaroid
I hold them close and treasure each moment

We never know how long the memories will last
But we can always be fully present in each new moment
Making memories worth remembering