What are you dreaming of? What have you promised yourself? What have you committed to?

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney

My piece is below (& broke down in rhyme!?) and may help anyone who struggles with wanting to write daily, get published or commit to creativity. I see you, I get it.
I’d love to read your writing on this or anything else you’re working on. It’s not too late to join our #dailychallenge!

I almost broke a promise
The worst kind to break
For no one would really know
Except me
And that’s the ultimate betrayal
It starts with
“oh I’m not feeling creative enough today”
And follows with
“I’m too tired”
“I have too much on my mind”
And while valid, what are my values?
My priorities, the flame ignited in my heart
Do I want to snuff that momentum
A mere 10 days in?
I made a promise, a commitment to myself
To finally take myself and my writing seriously
To respect the passion in my heart
Some days will definitely be better than others
But I will still show up
Keep the faucet flowing
I promised myself at least one page a day
So my creativity knows I’m serious
So I know I’m serious
81% of people say they want to write a book
Only 3% actually do
I’ve done 7 better, but I know I have a bigger impact to make
I’m not satisfied to stop there
I have more people to connect with
A deeper message to share
I’m done letting fear silence me
I wont look at others to compare
My journey is my own
My words come from my heart
The ones I’ve shared already
Are only just a start
I will not break my promises
I want more for myself
And while I’m grateful for all I’ve accomplished
I’m not done having more ready on the shelf
Now it’s time to end this before this rhyme carries on
I’m closing the book I’m done
Although this writing has been fun