are you affected by the rain? What do you see in your future that you are working towards? What do you need to remember on your journey?

“There is something so much bigger in your future than anything you’ve left behind”

As the rain poured down heavy on my heart
The troubles of yesterday were washed away
A fresh start with the new day
I could release the heaviness to the rain
The full moon shone bright through the clouds
Giving the opportunity to let go, release
Finding freedom as the weather raged
Mother nature’s tears trying to cleanse the earth
To wash away the pain and darkness
Sending love to all corners of this round planet
I watched the rain pool and collect
The individual raindrops merging together
Reminders that ultimately we are all one
The sun rose behind the clouds
Whether we saw it or not, it was there
Trusting, having faith in the light of the sun shining over earth
And in the stars, small twinkles of light in the darkness
There is always light when we look for it
We just need to remember to look