where do you dream? Where is your favourite place? Is it real or in your mind?

today I used a painting I did at a workshop earlier. Feel free to use that or any other photo or art near you. It’s not too late to join the #dailywritingchallenge your dreams deserve it! ❤

Escaping to a dream world in my mind
I can feel the crisp winter air on my exposed skin
The snow crunching under my feet as I attempt to tread carefully
To not break the silence that surrounds me

Above me the Aurora play with the sky
A whistle must have brought them by
Because you see as folklore goes
Much like with a dog, when a whistle blows
The Aurora are beckoned to come near
Playing and dancing, singing bright
A mysterious unicorn I long to see
And here in my dream world they exist permanently

Winter exists in my dream world
But none of the messy bitter cold
Only the beauty of icing sugar dusting the trees
The sights and sounds so peaceful and calm

I hear crunching that is not my own
I catch my breath and look around
Eyes peer back at me from beyond the trees
I have company

I do not fear what comes near
Because here in my dream world, all are friendly
I can easily communicate and understand
As a deer curiously and tenderly comes by
She comes up and sniffs my hand
And we connect sharing peace and calm

Soon after we are joined by a majestic wolf
He howls his greeting hello
The small animals come out to gather
A community like no where else

I long to stay here for always
But I know my life will call soon enough
Saying goodbye to all of my friends
I head back down the path
Holding the love and stillness in my heart
Until I can return another day