What do you need to look at from a different perspective? Where could you act with more love and compassion? Do you need to forgive today? How can you be more gentle with yourself?

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Wayne Dyer

I see clearly with more than my eyes
Today when my physical vision was blurry
The vision in my heart became clear
Letting go of blind rage
I was truly able to see what mattered
What was really important
And it was right in front of me all along
Having more patience than I often deserve
Hopeful and filled with love and compassion
And forgiveness
Holding no expectations of perfection
Just love and pure joy over the simple things
The essence of the little things are the big things
And I’m humbled by the lessons I’m taught
I bring my human failings to the light
And I see clearly with love and compassion
My vision is set right again
Realigning with what my heart says
I am forgiven, and I forgive myself
I open my eyes, my heart
The blurriness is removed
I am calm and I embrace peace
And the warm hugs
That were right in front of me all along