When the world feels like it’s falling down around me
And I feel lost and alone, helpless losing hope
I write

I forgot that helped heal me inside
So I can deal better with the outside 
Because lately, I haven’t been dealing at all

I’ve been escaping, distracting, sabotaging
Making it all crumble down further
But maybe all I need to do 
To make sense of a senseless situation
Is just focus my thoughts and write

I help so many others write
Yet I forget to do that myself
I come home to me when I start letting the words flow
The world disappears for a little bit
But in a healthy way
It gets processed, healed

Thoughts and words align providing comfort
When the world outside is in chaos
I can calm myself inside and heal

If I’m whole, things can make sense
Then, I can help others put themselves back too
Together, we can be one
And spread love to all the corners of the world
That so badly need it right now

We are all made of love
We can come home to love
We can remember love