When we give in to fear
We fuck everything and run
But what if we turned it on it’s head
And faced everything and rose
We have a choice
There is always something to be grateful for

Fear and hate and loneliness and hurt
Even illness, grief, heartache and death
Teach us lessons we may not otherwise learn

Maybe it’s how to appreciate and savour every single moment with everyone who is important
Because you never know when it’s your last

Maybe it’s not to put off that gathering, or going to that event, or meeting with a friend
Because you don’t know when a pandemic could shift your life forever

Maybe it’s that nothing lasts forever, the good and the bad
So we learn to persevere and be present
Right here, right now

If fear makes us shut down and run
We deprive the world of the gifts inside us
Each and every one of us has a unique combination of thoughts, knowledge, experiences and opinions

We must not let fear keep us silent
We must not let fear keep us still
Sometimes we must learn to pivot
To innovate and rethink our plans

But we must not stop
Or worse, run away forever
Together we gather our courage
We take one step forward and then the next

Sometimes we must step alone
But hold faith that the right ones will hear your rhythm
And join you in time to step again