I was excited for the possibilities and open to all that was on its way. But then the doubts crept in and threatened to suffocate and stall the momentum.

Fighting against myself I realized I needed to let go and surrender, be pulled and led by the energy of it, no more pushing and struggle.

Like when you’re drowning, thrashing will only exhaust you and drown you faster, but when you release fear, you can float.

My natural instinct is to fear and doubt and I want to rewrite the story. I deserve the excitement and a big life of my dreams. I have learned, prepared, experienced, now it’s time for action.

Rewriting fear as excitement, trusting my own wings and capabilities. There is so much to share and connect with. I won’t hide anymore.

As my legs shake, I take a step forward, with each word I create more magic, more momentum and more opportunity to leave my mark. My legs carry me bravely forward, my mind and body follow.

This is what I’m meant for. With a deep breath, I let the excitement wash over me and wrap me like a blanket. This is what I’m meant for…

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