Family, forgiveness, freedom and other f words….a book I’ve been working on for a little while now. It always gets a chuckle and a raised eyebrow, especially from the aforementioned first f. Its coming along and shaped with many experiences I have along the way, friends, family, foe…

Family meant something completely different before December 29, 2021. (Before December 10, 1995, March 21, 2000, October 2009, and September 2013 as well! So many chapters…)

We were a trio who stuck together through so much, and man had we been through so much. But now we are down to two, with the open world ahead of us, not completely sure where we’ll go or what the next chapter will look like.

Often we make our own family units, rag tag teams of friends that frequently change over the years, as we too, change and grow. Some are fortunate that they have the forever type friend, but my experience is even those can be fairweather if the stars align it so.

I know the only family I can count on forever is myself, for all others come and go. The beauty of impermanence is all the memories and experiences we build along the way.

We never know when someone’s role in our story will end, but it’s up to us to treasure the moments we have. We never know when our book will be forever closed either, so all we can do is make the most of all the moments. Do things we love and that bring us joy. Make the days of this life worth living and hopefully we will have some friends and family that can join us along our journey.

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