So many decisions each and every day
They have the power to permanently alter the perspective and projection of your life
Choices to change takes courage
Often lacking consistency to create lasting directional shifts
Unless it’s something catastrophic causing collapse

But why do we wait until that point
When we’re in so much pain we are pushed
Sometimes in ways we don’t want to go
Or aren’t at all appropriate for us
When we could have chosen to be more intentional with the direction we were headed
Instead of being blown by the winds of life
Losing our control and sense of hope

We accept the unacceptable
Paralyzed with fear in pain
Projecting unnecessarily onto people who don’t know why they’re a target
Taking chances to change after chaos
Reacting rather than responding

Deciding to change, following through, being intentional
We can create a better life, one with hope and joy and contentment
Instead of settling for the scraps of seconds

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