In the midnight garden there was silence
Normally all a buzz with conversations between bugs
Talking between tree frogs
Animated analogies between animals
Everyone was silent and still
It was an eerie moment
The garden knew something that I didn’t
I was walking into unknown territory
My presence was certainly felt by every creature in this space
The trees knew my tread, no matter how I tried to tip toe
Each moment that passed felt like an hour
I held my breath for fear of disrupting the stillness that clung to my skin like a soaking wet blanket
I looked all around and was met with the stares of a thousand eyes
I clearly wasn’t meant to be here, a foreign visitor in this land
Unwelcome here, Unwelcome anywhere
I collapsed to the garden floor and cried
My head in my hands I let my sobbing deafen the air around me
My body shook and released the energy that had been building up
I just didn’t care anymore who I made stare
The garden dwellers soon crept out and came near
Curiously looking at me, watching what I was doing
Coming to sit quietly next to me and lend me their presence
Soon I no longer felt alone
I had hundreds of new friends sitting with me, sharing their peace, wanting to take away the pain
Welcoming me into their safe sanctuary
Allowing me just to be me
We sat together and the stillness returned
Quietly feeling connected as one
Peace and stillness filling our soul

Posted with freefall writing from prompts in the Creative Writing Facebook community