As I walked through the crowded streets
I felt more alone than ever
Surrounded by people
Yet in my heart it all felt like noise
No one to connect with
No one to confide
I wandered alone with my thoughts
A dangerous enemy to keep company with indeed
It had grand solutions to end the pain
But somehow I didn’t feel it had my best interests in mind
Walking in the crowd, I looked at those around me
I wondered how many of them felt this pain inside too
From every angle, no where to hide
Just trying to survive the day under attack
Not knowing up from down or in from out
It’s a lie that there’s no other choice but to keep going
There are always other choices
And when you walk facing that reality every day
You realize the thin line between choices
You live with a different breath than most
Holding it at times to keep the candle lit
There have been enough blown out on cakes
With wishes not come true
With reality questioned
Walking through the noise becomes a blur

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