The chill in the air is a reminder that all things come in cycles,
they pass and come and go
There is an end to all things I endure that I think I won’t survive
That if I just hang on a little longer
It’ll cool off and be alright again
No one is coming to warm me but myself
So I grab an extra blanket and snuggle in
I wrap myself in love and warmth and kindness
I give myself what I need
For I’m the only one I can really always count on
As all the other chips fall
I’m left looking in the mirror
Frosty on the edges this cool morning
But I fill my heart with love
Remembering why I’m here
Refusing to let the world leave me cold
Like my mother before me
My breath fogs up the frosty glass
And I draw a smiley face
The world won’t beat me today
For one more day

Posted with freefall writing from prompts in the Creative Writing Facebook community