Take me away to a place I can feel safe
A place I can create and stay a while
Change is great, growing out of comfort zones to create courage and confidence
But where do I leave my most precious possession, my sweet companion
The one that looks at me with big brown eyes
And I overflow with love
He can’t be left in the car, it’s much too hot
It’s my biggest mission to protect him
So take me away to a place
Where him and I can both relax
Where we can be okay and stay for a few more days
Take me away to a place my heart doesn’t hurt and memories don’t haunt me
Choices made, accepting with courage but they’re destroying my confidence
Feeling like a failure I’m fighting to survive
There has to be more than this
There has to be more than this
Take me away to a place that the pain doesn’t outweigh the pleasure
Where people are true to their word and actually give a shit
No more pretend platitudes
No more fake friends and family
Simply truth
Raw genuine authentic truth
I want to trust
I want to love
I want to matter
I want it to make a difference
That I even lived at all
Take me away to a place that doesn’t hurt so much
That we can be free to live to the fullest
To create and share
And love and dare
And hold on and care
Take me away to this place
If it even exists at all

Posted with freefall writing from prompts in the Creative Writing Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/?ref=share