A dream is a wish your heart makes
but when my heart aches and breaks from the weight of unfulfilled dreams
and I’m blinded to the dreams that have come true
for I can’t rest on past successes
but if those are the only successes I’m able to attribute to this one precious life
Then what?
Paralyzed to move forward on new dreams
my heart shatters with sadness
All the ideas going to waste
Collecting creative cobwebs
Channeled visions given as gifts going to waste
In hundreds of unused scribbles in notebooks I once treasured and carried around for any chance I got to create
Being damaged because they’re not digital
I’m deep in a handwritten mess
It doesn’t help me but hinders my progress
I’m hiding things people need
In my plain sight
They haunt me in the boxes and bags next to me
Not making the best of the beautiful ideas like they’re meant
Beating myself up but the ideas don’t stop
Continuing to receive divine creative help
I just need to start
One idea at a time

Posted with freefall writing from prompts in the Creative Writing Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/?ref=share