The lovers met for the last time
They knew he would ship out in the morning
And neither knew which direction their lives would take from there
They said the standard, “we’ll write each other every day”
And “I’ll be here waiting when you get back”
But both knew neither of those things were true

This was the last time they’d feel each other’s kiss
Feel each other’s embrace
And it lit the fire into an inferno
Something about never seeing someone again
Let all the limitations go
It was a magical night
Definitely one to remember

Tucked away in the secret depths of their minds
Not often thought about when they moved on with their new lives
But the memory was still there

As an old woman she thought back to that night
And wondered whatever happened to him
Her husband comes out to join her on the porch with their evening tea

“What are you thinking about? He asks
“Love” she replies simply
They both smile and watch the sunset together
Not realizing both thought of their first loves
Not the ones sitting beside them
Loyal through the years

Tears fall gently from her eyes
Blurring the sunset into a watercolour mess
He hands her a tissue as he holds her other hand close
Together they’ve lived a life of love
That night, neither realizing they would now be the lovers meeting for the last time

Written from a prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate. Check it out!