We used our umbrellas, even though we didn’t really need them
It was a sunny day, and while some use them to shield themselves from vitamin d

We danced
We twirled our pastel colours
The bright ones and ones filled with patterns
We used them as assessories to make our dancing more dramatic
To add the artistic flair
Props to prop us up
And connect us to each other

We giggled as we danced
Feeling like little kids again
Joy filling every pore of our bodies
Shining like the sunshine some blocked out

When the beams of sunlight come from the smile on your face
You know you’re doing something right
On the darkest days, you bring your own sunshine
Helping show others the light
So they know where to go

Like a lighthouse in a storm
Embracing your joy in times like these
Helps lead others back home safely
Navigating the rocks and challenges before them
Knowing you can make it through

Find your umbrellas and your flashlights
Whatever anchors to joy you need
Share them with as many people as you can right now
And wrap the world in love

Written from a prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/