Something felt off, I was unsure. My confidence seemed to falter lately. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. I wanted so badly to build it back, find my flow back. But I knew if I didn’t turn on the tap of creativity, I’d never find the words back again. My heart longed to pour out what was inside. But the sentences weren’t forming, the words felt stuck. My brain didn’t work in the same way right now…anymore? That would be scarier than spooky season…but I’ll keep trying. I was unsure what damage had all been done. I wasn’t willing to just roll over and accept this. The pain tried to make me stop but I pressed on. I dont know how much sense I’m making but I’m just going to keep pressing on. Words heal, myself and others. Chosen carefully they can inspire and help. Crafted to express the biggest of feelings, sharing the secrets of the hardest of topics. Connecting people who wouldn’t otherwise give each other a second thought. Warming hearts in the cold or heating up with steamy romance. So many versatile ways to share creativity. And I will find mine back. This is only a temporary set back, not a permanent situation. Sigh. This one ends there.
Progress not perfection. I’ll keep trying

Written from a prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate. Check it out!