When I open my heart to love
I feel unsure and almost close it back up again
I’ve been hurt so many times before
But I don’t want my heart to grow cold
Turn to ice with a wall around it
For that will only grow thicker
And I will be more shut off to the world
There are beautiful people my heart connects to
Even if only for a short time
With the heart of a gypsy
I get too easily attached
When I know nothing is permanent
It all comes for the lessons
Both for me and for others

When I open my heart to love
Magical things can happen
Connections are made
Lives are changed
Beauty is all around

Yet when I open my heart to love
I need to be more aware
I don’t have to open it quite as far as I do
But I do instinctually anyway
I can’t help it
I don’t want to be like her
So badly I don’t want to be like her

So I open my heart
I connect and share and love
and hurt
I hurt because I care
I feel deeply, intensely
Enough for myself and others
I’m feeling for the planet some say
But I’m done feeling so much
Cause there is a breaking point
And I feel like I’ve gone way past that
Somehow still here
Sort of holding it all together
Enough anyway to get through another day
When I open my heart to love
I accept the healing, the happiness and the hurt
Because as much as I may struggle
I do not ever want to close my heart to love