When I stood at the bottom of the staircase
I felt nervous, where did it lead? What was I getting myself into?
I could not see the top but I felt drawn to ascend it anyway
When I stepped on the first stair, my legs felt shaky, so unsure
I kept stepping though, and went up two more
My legs were tingling and almost gave way
I wasn’t sure if I could do this journey
But the strong voice inside told me I must
I summoned that courage and took a few more steps
A door next to the stairs flung open, nearly knocking me all the way back down
But I regained my footing, as there was only a railing to help me on some parts of this journey
And there was none here
What was behind the door, I questioned
But realized there was only the darkness of my own thoughts
I kept going on
Despite me wanting to stop and quit
I kept going on
There was a bigger pull keeping me going
This was a mission I was unsure where I was going or why it was so important I keep going
My legs were getting tired, my spirit weak
And that’s when another railing appeared, helping me along the journey
Just when I felt like giving up, a railing always appeared, encouraging me to keep trying
I neared what I thought was the top
But quickly realized there was more stairs
They just turned a corner out of my original sight
So onward I continued
Feeling like this journey needs to end at some point
Finding a window with the sun beaming through
I paused to enjoy the view
Before continuing up further up this steep staircase before me
Not the journey I would have maybe chosen
But the one that chose me
That I truly feel I’m meant for