There’s something about summertime
When the loons and crickets and tree frogs fill the air with their stories
The crackle of the bonfires warming you as the night grows chilly
A reprieve after dripping in sweat under the heat of the daytime sun
When stars come out to play and sprinkle the sky with their magic
Painting pictures across the black canvas of night
Lit up by the glow of the dancing flames
A quiet peace settles into your bones
As you sit mesmerized by the orange light
Like bugs drawn to the zappers
You stare motionless at the burning logs
Allowing the contrast of the heat of the flames and cool night to balance your body
There’s something about summertime
That touches all the senses different than other times
Summertime lingers like a lost loved one
Embracing for one more hug
After spending too long apart
Not wanting to let go
And just stay in this moment
For always

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