I dropped the ball
It bounced
And rolled away
Missed opportunity

I could go chase it
But it was already out of sight
Clearly it wasn’t meant for me
I console myself from my mistake

The shoulds start
I try to block them out
The ball is gone
I cant change that

I dropped it
I’ll have to be more careful next time
If there is a next time
I’ll create a next time

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take
You never know unless you try
You only fail when you stop trying
So many cliches roll in my head

The next time I won’t drop the ball
Sabotaging the opportunities
Sacrificing success
Progress not perfection

I’m just doing my best
Maybe it’s time to expect more from myself again
Maybe my best isn’t good enough for the new chapters
Isn’t good enough for me and my dreams

Others tell me to go easy on myself
Don’t be so busy
Don’t push yourself so hard
You need time to heal

If only they knew
How not busy I was
The frustration and darkness
I persevere through each day

But I keep going
I dont give up
I keep trying
I do what I can

I take note of the ideas
The new balls that come to me
I scribble them on the page
Tucking them away safe

So when they day comes
That I can bring them out and create
I won’t drop the ball
And I’ll bounce them all into reality

Written from a prompt in the creative writing group I facilitate. Check it out! https://www.facebook.com/groups/213087289131266/