Gypsy Aurora Musings

where the streetlights become stars and fireflies ignite the night



Repressed Demon

Pain lingers in the dark shadows of her mind Showing itself when she least expects it Sitting quietly trying to get to sleep An overwhelming blanket thrown over Smothering her, gasping for air Images flash like a horrible slide show... Continue Reading →


Writing ravages my soul Pen to paper perfectly Healing my heart and mind Popping prescription pills Telling myself I've taken a turn for the crazy Fantasizing over filling my body Emptying container after container Sealing my fate one dose at... Continue Reading →

Empty Bed

I wake up groggy still wishing I was asleep Warm cuddled in my blanket cocoon I roll over and reach for you And my hand falls on an empty bed You have already left and won't be coming back


Let me out I need to get out I watch the minutes tick away on the clock On my life What am I doing here Round and round I seem to go Losing my way every time Each time deluded... Continue Reading →

A new tomorrow

Don't touch me I've done things I said I wouldn't do again My head has gone places I said I wouldn't go again I can't do this Don't touch me I've cried tears of pain Of love Of caring Of... Continue Reading →


my words choked in cold sweat my breath shallow in my chest hands trembling with untempered anxiety attention can't focus longer than what was I just doing I don't even remember anymore pain so dark and deep my thoughts spin... Continue Reading →


When I reach into thin air And wish there was someone there To help me with this searing pain inside To comfort some of this loneliness To lend a simple hug when I need it But I realize I must... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Dances

And when it was over the freefall of tears started… The tears started falling like a meteor shower from the midnight sky. A volcano finally releasing its pressure from deep within the earth, Exploding up to the sky and sending... Continue Reading →

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